The Magic Show

How do you write so people do what you ask?

How do you give a presentation that makes people stand up and cheer?

Welcome to The Magic Show, a members-only group that shows you how to solve your writing and presenting problems right now.

The Magic Show teaches you skills for strong writing, memorable presentations, and superior critical thinking.

The Magic Show is led by writer and educator Mike Long.


Here's what Magic Show members receive:

Video Library

This is the heart of it: a massive library of short videos from Mike, most no more than two minutes in length. Each one shows you how to solve a specific problem writers face every day. Scan the categories, find your question -- then watch and learn. (Or just drop in at random to pick up tips anytime!)

The Reading Room

Check out a running compilation of articles, interviews, essays, and media on writing, presenting, and thinking about problems in new ways. It's a curated collection of what Mike's reading, plus his commentary.

Priority Access for Questions

In addition to live Q&A in the webinars, you can post your questions for Mike and get fast, personalized answers.

The Latest from Mike...

Most recent posts and commentary. (Click over to The Reading Room for the rest!)

About Mike Long

If anybody knows how to help you get ahead, it's Mike Long. 

He's an author, speaker, educator, playwright -- a trained scientist, too -- as well as a lecturer at Georgetown University and a private consultant in critical situations when words and presentations matter most.

He started as a preacher's kid in a rural town of 500 people. But you can build as big a life as you imagine if you choose to. And he did.

For more than two decades, Mike has worked behind the scenes in corporate America and government to make VIPs look and sound like the persuasive professionals they are.

Now he's sharing his techniques with the public.

He can help you get ahead -- to build the business you're starting, to get the job you want or get ahead in the job you have, to change minds, and to bring greater impact to everything you do whether you're an entrepreneur, employee, or executive.

Learn the skills Mike teaches here and you can have greater impact with investors, potential clients, bosses, and fellow professionals. And you really can do it: with step-by-step techniques to make you better at critical thinking -- and to transform the way you write, speak, and plan.


Organizations That Mike Has Helped

Here's How to Join Mike Long's The Magic Show...

How to Write an Op-Ed (and Get It Published)


pay once, own it forever

  • Learn to write an op-ed step by step.
  • About 90 minutes of video in short, easy-to-understand segments.
  • This is the method Mike teaches in the graduate PR program at Georgetown and in seminars the world over.
  • Buy it today, own it forever.

Learning Persuasion from Late-Night TV Ads


pay once, own it forever (and priced like a late-night product, hehe)

  • Learn the five-step method advertisers use.
  • Learn how to apply it to the far more serious work you do.
  • Works for speeches, op-eds, video scripts, and anywhere you need to change minds quickly.
  • Buy it today, own it forever.
  • About 30 minutes.

Why Do We Call It

"The Magic Show"?

Successful people know what makes them successful -- up to a point. What happens after that can feel like magic. "The Magic Show" is a place to learn how to make that kind of magic for yourself -- in your writing, in your presentations, and in the way you think about the world.


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