Facts Alone Don't Win the Argument


Readers weigh not just the facts but also feelings – yet communicators often blast away with fact after fact… and nothing else. There’s a better way.


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When You Write a First Draft, Just Write. Don't Edit.

Uncategorized Dec 01, 2020

That first draft is about big ideas, not little mistakes. If you stop every few minutes to clean up spelling and punctuation, you’re risking your momentum – the very thing you need to make a strong first draft.

When writing a first draft, typos and mistakes are fine. Their presence shows that your attention is exactly where it should be, on the bigger picture. Check out today’s video.


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I'm a Mechanic.

Uncategorized Nov 23, 2020

What I mean by that is I rely on well-defined structure, and that's true whether I'm writing a press release, a speech, a novel (I'm working on one now), or a screenplay.

This board is the three-act, beat-by-beat structure of a screenplay I wrote not long ago. I think the work comes out stronger when you do more planning and less seat-of-the-pants writing. Inspiration in all things, for sure, but you need a place to put that inspiration.

Structure makes it better. Structure makes it easier.

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If You're Writing at All, You're Making Progress

Uncategorized Nov 19, 2020

Even if it's crummy. Even if you're going to have to rewrite every word of it. Even if it doesn't feel like progress.

It's still progress. Why?

Because we can fix what's already written, but we can't fix a blank page.

Writing anything... is progress at writing.

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Organize Before You Write

#editing #organization Nov 09, 2020


If the library was just random piles of books, you wouldn’t bother with it.

If your communication is just piles of information, your readers won’t stay your readers very long.

The key to effective comms? Organization.

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Do Your Readers Know What a Semi-colon Means? Probably Not...


When you're a communicator, you avoid words that are obscure to the reader. That applies to punctuation, too.


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To Hook the Audience, Talk Feelings More Than Facts -- Humanize!


Our initial interest is on the basis of emotion, then we look for facts only later.

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Too Much to Write -- But I Have to Write It!


Even the biggest writing project can be conquered if you write a little at a time....

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Be a Troublemaker!

Uncategorized Oct 30, 2020

People get interested not in topics as topics but in topics as solutions to problems. Improve your writing with that idea -- click here: https://us6.campaign-archive.com/?u=0609fcd33c658d02090de606f&id=c0ea1e49c2 

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Best or Worst, You Say? Compared to What?


"That's the best!" you say. "That's the worst!" you say.

That's among the weakest ways to express yourself. Here's why -- and how to fix it.

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