Don't Take Advice from Randos.

Uncategorized Jul 20, 2021
From an email exchange with a writer friend:
If I tell you I don't like your outfit, it could be for one of two categories of reasons. Maybe I don't like the color. That's a matter of taste. You may like the color just fine, so who cares what I think? Call these subjective criticisms.
Or maybe I don't like your pants because one leg is shorter than the other. That's not how pants are made. That's a structural error. Call this objective criticism.
Few people are equipped to make objective criticism of writing. They just know what they like. That's not useful criticism. Take it seriously and you'll waste time and energy chasing a standard that changes with every new hot take you hear.
Your work won't improve. You'll get frustrated with writing as a discipline. That's why most people quit writing at all.

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