Get Somebody Important to Answer Your Query


Talk about their interests, not yours. 

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To Hook the Audience, Talk Feelings More Than Facts -- Humanize!


Our initial interest is on the basis of emotion. We look for facts only later.

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Three Tips To Writing A *Fact Sheet* -- Faster!

#audience #quicktips Sep 23, 2020

My favorite writing tips are the ones you can use this instant. Here are three ways to speed things up when you’re writing a fact sheet.

Check out today’s video!

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A Writing Tip You Can Use... This Minute.

#audience #writingtips Sep 17, 2020

What do you want the reader to do after they finish?

Write down your answer. Really. Keep it under a dozen words.

Do that and you’ll write more effectively and faster.

For the details, check out the video with the guy in the jacket.

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The Last Thing You Say...

#audience #quicktips Sep 15, 2020

…is the thing they remember most.

Whether writing or talking, put your request for the end – the very end.

(See? Put it at the end, just like that.)

Check the video!

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When You Get a Writing Assignment, What's Your First Question?

#audience #writingtips Sep 02, 2020

I know what it is: you ask about the topic.

 That’s the wrong question – seriously.

 The right question?

 THIS ONE: What do you want the audience to do when this is over?

 For details, check the video!

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Internal/External Comms- A Better Approach

#audience #persuasion Aug 05, 2020

Internal comms? External comms? There's no difference. 

Instead ask only this: what will it take to get this person to take the action I have in mind?

We are motivated most by the basics: what we like, love, hate, need, desire, fear – common needs of all humans, not the particulars of our day.

Keep your eyes on what makes us human, not what defines our jobs. That stuff is secondary.

Always has been. Always will be.

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A Press Release Is a Tool, Not a Strategy

#audience #pressreleases Jul 06, 2020

A former student recently asked me to recommend organizations to distribute a press release to outlets specific to an industry. I suggested the usual suspects, but I also said this: Ask yourself what you wish to achieve by sending the release in the first place.

Mass distribution is a blunt instrument compared to calling reporters personally and, over time, developing relationships. I urge you to ask not just "who should receive the release" but also "what is it we want to happen at the end of the day?"

A press release is a tactic, not an end, and you will probably get better results by focusing directly on the goal. Though it is a common and obvious tool for promotion, it is rarely the most effective one.

Don’t seek coverage without considering why you want the coverage in the first place. Once you have the real goal in mind, consider the best tools to pursue it. The press release will likely be among those tools, but it won’t be the only one, and it will rarely be the...

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Goal-Oriented Writing: What Do You Want the Reader to Do?


When you write something--a speech, letter, email--think about what you want the reader to do in response. Write that one thing down in a sentence. Doing this focuses your work. Work from the goal. Work backwards.

Join The Magic Show today with this special offer: 

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Don't Write for the Audience!

#audience May 08, 2020

If you think only about the audience, you may not get published. You have to consider the person you have to impress who stands between you and that audience.

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