The Most Powerful Way to Open a Talk


Don’t introduce yourself.

Don’t brag about your credentials.

Instead, just step up and deliver.

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How to Introduce Yourself If You're Ever on a Gameshow

#bios #writingtips Jun 19, 2020

Consider the brief or "shirttail" biography: it should convey personality, professionalism, and fact in two to four lines of precise prose. But allow me to do some mind reading:  Rarely do you feel that the executive biographies you write sound as tight as the ones you admire.
Try this. Like much business writing, short bios can be executed against a ridiculously easy template. All it takes is a moment of research and the ability to follow directions.
The key to pro-sounding bio? State the facts and stop.

These examples make the template obvious:
Tony Stark is the president and CEO of Stark Industries. In this capacity he plans long- and short-term strategy for the company, directs research, and makes corporate decisions on behalf of over 10,000 employees worldwide.
* * *
Borat Sagdiyev is chief correspondent for the Kazakhstan Television Network. He reports from around the world on political and policy matters as they affect the Kazakh...

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