Is Your Business Anecdote *Really* Ready to Tell?


Every *interesting* story has to answer three questions.

You have the answers? You have a story.

Don’t have the answers? Figuring them out will fix your story.

I call it the “Mamet Triplet.” 

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Throw the Rules Out the Window: Using PowerPoint on Zoom


PowerPoint in person: use big fonts and skimp on the detail. But PowerPoint via Zoom means the viewer is basically visiting a web page. That means the traditional cautions about PowerPoint no longer apply. Feel free to be more detailed.

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"Things Will Never Be The Same" -- If You're Writing That, Think Again

#coronacomms Apr 27, 2020

Allow me to make the case that things always return to normal, and that claiming otherwise won't age well.

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How to Inform Your Clients of All the Great Things You're Doing Re:Corona

#coronacomms #persuasion Apr 20, 2020

Don't be the blowhard at the party. Instead, try one of these two ways to write it like an engaging read instead of corporate bragging.

(Image via

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Running Out of New Things to Email Your Clients During Quarantine?

#coronacomms Apr 15, 2020

Here's a fresh approach.

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Science Isn't Science If It Won't Take Questions


The news just now is filled with “science” as sword and shield. That’s a mistake. In fact, those who say science “settles” this or that are the ones you shouldn’t listen to at all.


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Avoid This Landmine to Engaging Folks Who Work for You

#audience #coronacomms Apr 04, 2020

Lately I'm seeing employee-engagement emails that use surveys. A quick read reveals that almost all are busywork -- a way to remind you they're at their desk and still your boss.

Your employees (and customers and vendors and anyone else you send surveys to) resent busywork. Don't send a survey unless you're going to read the replies and share the results. There are better ways to announce your presence.

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Negative Headlines Drive Away Readers


Negative headlines and frightening ledes turn people off. You can convey your tough news, but keep in mind that people have to decide to listen in the first place. You may be scaring them off when all you have to do instead is encourage them first.

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Those %[email protected]@! CEO Letters, Con't: The Problem with "If There's Anything We Can Do"

#coronacomms Mar 31, 2020

Don't offer to do "anything you need." No one will ask cos they won't know what to ask for. Instead offer a few specific things.

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Corona Comms Videos Now Added to the Video Library

You'll find a separate category now for corona comms videos, which are usually first shared with the public via social media and the blog. If you want them all in one place, click over to the Video Library and you'll find the new category.

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