Too Much to Write -- But I Have to Write It!


Even the biggest writing project can be conquered if you write a little at a time....

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If I Asked You to Describe Your Coffee Cup, What Would You Say?


Chances are you’d tell me how it looks. Amiright?

The thing is, there’s more to it than that. Description can include how something feels to the touch, how it smells, how it tastes, and how it sounds.

Stop limiting your descriptions to what you can see – it’s one more easy way to make your writing a lot more compelling. Check the video!

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But How Does It Sound?


The meaning of words is only part of the battle.

How they sound affects how well people pay attention, and makes them more (or less!) likely to accept your message.

Improve your writing by putting this fact to use. Check out the video!

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Write Anything


More thinking won't fix it. 

When you’re trying to write and you can’t get started…

… start anyway.

It’s not thinking that gets you over the hump. It’s the physical act of writing, whether you’re using a pen on paper or typing on a keyboard. Check out the video.

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Great Writers Start at the End


Most of us start writing when we get the topic.

That’s a work-wrecking mistake.

Start with what you want the reader or listener to do.

The topic isn’t the goal. It’s the road you’ll take to get there.

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Storytelling Basics in 90 Seconds


Every story is told in three parts.

You don’t have three parts? You don’t have a compelling story.

Check out this 90-second video that lays out the heart of every story you’ll write.

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Write Down Your Creative Ideas

If you write at all, you need to carry around a notebook and a pencil 24/7. (Nutty look in your eye optional.)
Whenever you get an idea – a word, a phrase, a topic, a clever line – write it down.
That way, when it’s time to write, you don’t have to be clever on command. You have a toybox of creative ideas ready to go.
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Write Something Long... A Little Each Day


Every big project is the result of many small achievements. You'll be shocked to find how quickly a few minutes a day can add up. Lemme give you some examples from my own experience.... JOIN THE MAGIC SHOW. CLICK HERE.

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Start Your Stories in the Middle of the First Big Moment


When you're telling a story in a speech, op-ed, essay, or anywhere else, begin telling the story when the action is already underway -- a punch is thrown, a response is given, or trouble is on its unstoppable way. Your instinct is probably to set everything up first, then build to the first big moment. Nope. Start in the middle of that first big thing.

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Great Writing, Great Reading

#creativewriting #gwgr Apr 11, 2020

Here's an essay about collaboration between songwriters. You don't have to be a musician to learn from this detailed account of the relationship between Chris Collingwood and the late Adam Schlesinger. Great material here about how craft and art differ more by name than by action, how listening that becomes analysis is probably the best education, and how much there is to know as a creator besides your own perspective. 

(Image via CNN)

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