Five Tips in Under Two Minutes

#editing #writingtips Oct 21, 2020

Write better -- write now. Check the video!

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Here's a Fun Way of Improving Your Self-Editing: Print It Out!

#editing Sep 30, 2020

Quit doing all your editing on the monitor. Instead, print your work on paper and sit down with a pen. You’ll see things you’ve been missing, and the change of pace (and scenery – take it into another room, too!) will perk your inspiration.

Check the video.

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Do You Have To Edit Other People?

#editing Sep 29, 2020

Here are three tips to make it easier on you and on them.

 Add these tips to your edit sessions and the people you edit will start writing better – which means that in the future you’ll spend less time editing and more time doing your own work.

Check the video.

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An Easy Way to Edit More Effectively

#editing #writingtips Sep 01, 2020

Print it out in a different font and point size, then take a fresh look.

For details, check the video!

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Two Little Tricks to Write Faster


Number One: Don’t start without a list of a few things you want to include.

Number Two: Rewrite all you like, because the only version people see is the one you show ‘em – the last one.

Check out the video.

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How to Save a Lot of Time When You Edit Others

#editing #writingtips Aug 03, 2020

Instead of emailing your edits, spend a few minutes sitting next to that other writer. Make it a conversation.

This helps them learn, so they’ll know next time – and not make the same mistake YOU have to correct one more time.

Plus… it’s just the nice thing to do.

Check the video for more.

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