Positivity When We Need Some

#mindset Jan 07, 2021
Early in my time at Georgetown, a student told me this:
"When I was in high school, a teacher told me I was no good at writing and that I should pursue something else. So I did. But you told me I *could* write -- and you were right. And now I get to do what I love!"
Encourage everyone you meet in their positive pursuits.
Tell them they can do it, even if you're not sure. Encouragement is where it all begins.
Let's build each other up.
P.S. Here's a tweet from the poet Clint Smith with his similar experience.
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If You Want to Get the Big Things Right, Worry About the Little Things.

#mindset Sep 30, 2020

It’s not enough to know your subject inside and out. Also knowing how to write well makes it easier to share what you know, and makes it more likely that people will understand you and take the action you want.

The details matter.

Check out today’s video.

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Writing Advice From My Dad, The Country Preacher

#mindset #positivity Sep 21, 2020

“If there’s anything I can do, call me…” puts the burden on the person who’s hurting.

Make it easy on them. Offer something in particular, then follow up yourself.

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Overcome Intimidation

#mindset #success Sep 16, 2020

The key to acquiring a big, new skill is setting tiny goals for every morning – doable, daily goals.

Commit to five minutes a day. Just five minutes! Do more if you want, but give yourself permission to stop after five, every time.

Then see what happens.

Check the video!

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"It's Too Late to Do What I Want to Do"

#mindset #positivity Sep 07, 2020

If that’s what you’re thinking, you’re wrong.

It’s never too late, not if you have another day in front of you. Not if you have one more hour.

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Write Down Your Creative Ideas

If you write at all, you need to carry around a notebook and a pencil 24/7. (Nutty look in your eye optional.)
Whenever you get an idea – a word, a phrase, a topic, a clever line – write it down.
That way, when it’s time to write, you don’t have to be clever on command. You have a toybox of creative ideas ready to go.
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Dealing With Rejection

I've been rejected so many times I’ve lost count.

Here’s a photo of some of the rejection letters I’ve received in the past few years.

This doesn’t include the many emails and messages that said “no.”

This stack is how I know I'm making progress.

If you want to get published, you’re going to get rejected.

If you want to get hired to speak, you’re going to get rejected.

If you want to find success, you’re going to get rejected.

Here’s the thing: being good enough is only “table stakes.” That means that being talented enough to do the job only gets you through the door. After that, it’s luck – and the only way to be lucky is to beat the odds, and that means persistence.

If one in 200 submissions gets picked, I figure I need to submit at least that many to have any chance at all. So that’s what I do.

And not to brag, but that’s why I get published. And why is that not bragging? Cos you can...

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Persuasion: Try a New Perspective

#mindset #persuasion Jun 24, 2020

Here's a writing tip that you probably won't be able to do. Check this out: 

STEP 1: Think about the last time someone tried to change your mind. Your first reaction was to say “no,” right?

That’s how we are as humans, instinctually defensive.

It’s self-preservation from biology, a good thing in the main.

STEP 2: Now think about when *you* try to change someone’s mind

STEP 3: Think about how you felt when they immediately said no. It was frustrating, right?

STEP 4: Make this choice: the next time someone tries to change your mind, you will assume their intentions are good. Even if everything they do suggests otherwise.

STEP 5: Consider their argument separate from where it came from or how they made you feel.

STEP 6: In light of this experience, think of things you might do the next time you try to persuade someone. What can you do to make your presentation more acceptable? Can you make them less likely to fall on instinct and say no?


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When You Can't Work, Don't Work

#mindset #timemanagement Jun 23, 2020

If you’re traveling or are otherwise in a situation in which working conditions are not ideal for you, don’t pressure yourself to work. In the end, you’ll be frustrated, and will likely end up having spent hours producing only a few minutes worth of good work. 

Instead, sometimes it’s better to use such circumstances for something constructive: relaxing, resting, or otherwise just enjoying yourself. Don’t force yourself to work in a place where you don’t think you can work. While you might feel like you’ve wasted your time, the real waste of time is working too hard for too little!

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Persuasion: How to Work Past Ultimatums

#mindset #persuasion Jun 04, 2020

Straightforward guidance from Harvard Business Review. Basically: when your opponent arrives at "take it or leave it," anticipate it, and come to the discussion with other choices ready. Persist!

Click here for the whole thing.

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(Image via Harvard Business Review) 

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