Why Aren't They Publishing Your Op-ed?

#opeds Jan 15, 2021

Pay attention to the submission process and know what the editor is looking for. Four tips -- check 'em out.

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To Hook the Audience, Talk Feelings More Than Facts -- Humanize!


Our initial interest is on the basis of emotion. We look for facts only later.

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Don't Write Your Op-Ed For The Readers Of The Paper

#opeds Oct 09, 2020

If you want to get published, you have to impress the op-ed page editor.

I’ll show you how. Check the video.

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Publish An Op-Ed Before the Election

#opeds Oct 07, 2020

You. Really. Wanna try?


Take my new course on how to write an op-ed. Spend a couple hours with a series of short videos and I’ll show you, step by step, how to plan, write, and pitch your op-ed.

I’ve been published in major papers and so have my students – and we use the method you can learn, too.

Check out the video for more info (and for a discount!) or just visit ProMagicShow.com.

Wanna get published before the election? Better get started now!

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I'll Show You How To Get Your Op-Ed Published.

#opeds #writingtips Sep 28, 2020

Whether it’s for you or your client, getting published is rarely a matter of luck, taste, or timing.

You need calculated effort. You must know

  1. what an editor is looking for and
  2. how to write it.

I’ll show you how.

Does this way work? Our most recent success story: Just last week, a college senior who took the course from Mike Long’s The Magic Show saw his op-ed published in The Boston Globe.

How’s that?

Buy the course today. Own it forever.

Visit http://ProMagicShow.com to take the course!

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You Don't (Always) Need a Call To Action!

#opeds Aug 19, 2020
Really. Sometimes… you don’t.
Sometimes… a call to action can undermine everything that came before.
(Let’s learn from The Dwight Schrute Model. As you’ll find out in a minute.)
I’ll tell you when to watch out. Check the video.
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News Pegs Best Pegs

#opeds Aug 17, 2020


a news story. You have to. Period.

Editors demand that your essay address something already in the news.

Check out the video for more.

AND... check this out. I’ll teach you how to write a professional op-ed from start to finish. It’ll even be fun. Promise.

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Raise the Odds of Getting Your Op-Ed Published

#opeds #writingtips Aug 12, 2020

Your audience isn’t the newspaper’s readers. It’s the editor, because that’s the person who decides if your piece sees the light of day.

The big secret? Your first paragraph must have these three elements. Check out the video!

*Use the code OPED40 for a $10 discount on our new course!* 

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How to Find a "News Peg" for Your Op-ed

#opeds May 19, 2020

Editors want your essay to join a public discussion, not start a new one. A news peg helps you do that. Here's how to find one and write it.

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Op-ed Tip: Think of Your Claim as a Solution -- Then Lead with the Problem It Fixes

#opeds May 17, 2020

If you think of your claim as the solution to a problem, you've tapped into the thing that most interests readers: you're thinking about what they consider a problem, and how your claim can fix it.

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