A Simple Way to Start Your Op-ed

#opeds May 11, 2020

The opening of your op-ed needs to state clearly and succinctly what you want to happen in the end. Here's a simple formula to help you write that.


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An Easy-to-Borrow Template for Op-eds

#opeds #persuasion Apr 23, 2020

Op-eds -- some of you may call them "bylines" -- can be written lots of different ways. I teach a straightforward method that uses three arguments as the body. Here's a variation that follows an easy-to-borrow template for your own op-ed writing. The author wants to make five points, so he lists them in the middle and numbers them. He writes a brief intro up front and a short close plus a call to action. 

Op-eds can be overwhelming to write, but anytime you have a few well-defined points to make, this model can help you make quick work of the task.

(Image via wilkes.libguides.com)

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