Facts Alone Don't Win the Argument


Readers weigh not just the facts but also feelings – yet communicators often blast away with fact after fact… and nothing else. There’s a better way.


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To Hook the Audience, Talk Feelings More Than Facts -- Humanize!


Our initial interest is on the basis of emotion, then we look for facts only later.

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Don't Lash Out On Social Media

#persuasion Aug 24, 2020


Nobody reacts well to hostility, so what’s the benefit of being hostile on social media?

There is none.

If you want to change minds on social media, think about what other people write that makes you stop listening to them… and stop writing that way, yourself.

It’s not easy, but it’s powerful.

How to engage constructively on social media – check out the video.

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Internal/External Comms- A Better Approach

#audience #persuasion Aug 05, 2020

Internal comms? External comms? There's no difference. 

Instead ask only this: what will it take to get this person to take the action I have in mind?

We are motivated most by the basics: what we like, love, hate, need, desire, fear – common needs of all humans, not the particulars of our day.

Keep your eyes on what makes us human, not what defines our jobs. That stuff is secondary.

Always has been. Always will be.

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Great Writers Start at the End


Most of us start writing when we get the topic.

That’s a work-wrecking mistake.

Start with what you want the reader or listener to do.

The topic isn’t the goal. It’s the road you’ll take to get there.

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Nothing You Write Is Just "Informational"


If you’re writing to inform, you’re not connecting with the audience.

People need a reason to go where you’re leading. They need a goal.

Write to persuade – every time.

Not only will you be more compelling, the writing will come easier because you’re focused on the action you want readers (or listeners) to take.

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Persuasion: Try a New Perspective

#mindset #persuasion Jun 24, 2020

Here's a writing tip that you probably won't be able to do. Check this out: 

STEP 1: Think about the last time someone tried to change your mind. Your first reaction was to say “no,” right?

That’s how we are as humans, instinctually defensive.

It’s self-preservation from biology, a good thing in the main.

STEP 2: Now think about when *you* try to change someone’s mind

STEP 3: Think about how you felt when they immediately said no. It was frustrating, right?

STEP 4: Make this choice: the next time someone tries to change your mind, you will assume their intentions are good. Even if everything they do suggests otherwise.

STEP 5: Consider their argument separate from where it came from or how they made you feel.

STEP 6: In light of this experience, think of things you might do the next time you try to persuade someone. What can you do to make your presentation more acceptable? Can you make them less likely to fall on instinct and say no?


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At the End, Ask for What You Want -- Then Zip It


The call to action is the thing you want the reader or listener to do. It goes at the end.

So how come so many of us keep writing?

End with the call to action. Literally.

Speaking of -- click here to join The Magic Show.

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Think Like a Kid: The Power of Saying What You Mean


When I was 14 years old, I named a building. I won the competition because I wasn't clever enough to be clever. I just called it what it was. Writers and presenters get much greater response when they do this -- watch the video for the details. JOIN THE MAGIC SHOW AT A SPECIAL RATE. CLICK HERE.

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Persuasion: How to Work Past Ultimatums

#mindset #persuasion Jun 04, 2020

Straightforward guidance from Harvard Business Review. Basically: when your opponent arrives at "take it or leave it," anticipate it, and come to the discussion with other choices ready. Persist!

Click here for the whole thing.

For more great writing, presenting, and thinking tips, join The Magic Show! Click here for a special deal: https://bit.ly/MagicShowDeal 

(Image via Harvard Business Review) 

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