What Do You Do at the End?

#editing #pitching Aug 02, 2021
The conclusion of a speech or essay is no time to just keep talkin'.
Don't waste the opportunity. Instead, make use of this fact: readers and listeners most readily remember the last thing you say.
That's why you must always close with your "ask."
Not your personal story. Not your extended thank-yous. Not your introduction to the mixer later that night.
Make sure that the last thing you say is what you want them to do or remember.
No exceptions.
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Get Somebody Important to Answer Your Query


Talk about their interests, not yours. 

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Be the Reader, Not the Writer


Keep in mind that the reader is always asking, "What's in it for me?"

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Write a Press Release Headline That Gets Attention

#pitching #writingtips Oct 15, 2020

Quit trying to be clever.

Instead, be obvious.

Why? That helps the reporter.

When you help the reporter, it’s easier for the reporter to help *you.*

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A Little Help on Pitching


Can you convey your idea in 90 seconds? Can you do it persuasively?

Whether it’s for reporters, investors, clients, partners, or anyone else, there’s a lot to learn about pitching from screenwriters. Here’s my recent finalist pitch for a screenplay, along with a nice set of dos and don’ts from screenwriting pros. Even if what you do is worlds away from the movie business, we get better at what we do–and set ourselves apart–when we go outside our own field.

(Image via The Independent) 

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