For Those Who Say "Literally"...


Yikes! Why do we do it? How can you stop?

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Writing to Fill the Time



How many words do I need to write to fill that time?

ANSWER: About a hundred words on the page equals about one minute out loud. 

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How to "Give Good Meeting" Webinar


It’s tough to stand out in a meeting… but there are ways.

Join Business Accelerator April Shprintz and me on Friday for a quick tour of ways to make you and your ideas **pop** in a meeting, whether it’s on Zoom or in person. 

Check out the video for a preview!

We’ll be on Zoom at noon ET in the US. Register here.

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One Trick to OWN Your Audience


Greet them. Then…

… don’t say a word.

Stand in the quiet as long as you like. Audiences are desperate for you to fill the silence – so you’ll gain their complete attention.

My favorite speaking tip – check it out!

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Spare the Details

Nobody’s impressed with your IQ.
They care about the value you provide.
Spare ‘em the details and instead focus on a single message, simply delivered. Apply this to language and to charts and graphs, too.
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The Most Powerful Way to Open a Talk


Don’t introduce yourself.

Don’t brag about your credentials.

Instead, just step up and deliver.

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This 10-Minute Task Will Transform the Speech You Just Wrote


One of the keys to a great speech is putting the speaker at ease -- filling in the mental blanks that every speaker has at the outset of an event. Here's how to fix that. LIKE THESE TIPS? GET A LIBRARY OF THEM BY JOINING THE MAGIC SHOW.

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Throw the Rules Out the Window: Using PowerPoint on Zoom


PowerPoint in person: use big fonts and skimp on the detail. But PowerPoint via Zoom means the viewer is basically visiting a web page. That means the traditional cautions about PowerPoint no longer apply. Feel free to be more detailed.

Join The Magic Show for a library of tips like these -- and more! Click here.

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A Few Speechwriting Tips

Here's an interview I did with Gotham Ghostwriters with several quick-hit tips on how to write a speech faster and get more impact out of it.

Plus a little bio info for those interested.

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