Don't Play Where's Waldo With News Release Headlines

#pressreleases Apr 02, 2021

Reporters want to know whether this story matters to them. Your puzzles don't help. Just be clear.

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The Most Important Tip for Writing Press Releases

#pressreleases Feb 18, 2021

Never include anything that can't be used word for word in a news story.

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A Press Release Is a Tool, Not a Strategy

#audience #pressreleases Jul 06, 2020

A former student recently asked me to recommend organizations to distribute a press release to outlets specific to an industry. I suggested the usual suspects, but I also said this: Ask yourself what you wish to achieve by sending the release in the first place.

Mass distribution is a blunt instrument compared to calling reporters personally and, over time, developing relationships. I urge you to ask not just "who should receive the release" but also "what is it we want to happen at the end of the day?"

A press release is a tactic, not an end, and you will probably get better results by focusing directly on the goal. Though it is a common and obvious tool for promotion, it is rarely the most effective one.

Don’t seek coverage without considering why you want the coverage in the first place. Once you have the real goal in mind, consider the best tools to pursue it. The press release will likely be among those tools, but it won’t be the only one, and it will rarely be the...

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