Goal-Oriented Writing: What Do You Want the Reader to Do?


When you write something--a speech, letter, email--think about what you want the reader to do in response. Write that one thing down in a sentence. Doing this focuses your work. Work from the goal. Work backwards.

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Great Writers Write More Junk Than Anything Else

#quicktips #writingtips Jun 02, 2020

This works not only because of the ol' notion that you better by doing something over and over. Instead, a lot of writing is a numbers game. You have to try out a lot of versions of writing before you find the right one. There are few great writers. I'm not a great writer. But I'm a killer re-writer, and that takes less magic than just hard work. THAT is the difference between those who write professionally and those who wish they did.

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Four Tips to Write Faster


A few simple techniques can cut significant minutes and even hours from the time you invest in writing. Here are four easy things to do.

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One Minute Writing Tip: A Guaranteed Way to Finish Faster

#quicktips #writingtips Apr 24, 2020

Writing is rewriting, and whether it's good or bad stuff it takes about the same amount of time to rewrite a first draft.

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Fail. Be Lazy. Settle.


Three ways to succeed that sound completely wrong -- but that are completely right.

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One-Line Advice

#quicktips #writingtips Mar 21, 2020

Speaking as someone who has spent years competing as a writer for jobs and recognition, I will tell you that this is among the most important things to keep in mind. In the long run, persistence is more important than talent. You can develop the latter over time, but you can have the former just by making the decision.

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Checking In on Saturday Morning


A two-minute video with a super-quick tip and an update to all the new members.

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