Super-Size Edition: All About Adverbs

#quicktips #speechwriting Oct 07, 2020

Adverbs aren’t your friends – but are they ever useful?

Yes! When they change the meaning of the sentence!

Check out today’s super-sized video for a practical rule on using adverbs.

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Three Tips To Writing A *Fact Sheet* -- Faster!

#audience #quicktips Sep 23, 2020

My favorite writing tips are the ones you can use this instant. Here are three ways to speed things up when you’re writing a fact sheet.

Check out today’s video!

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The Last Thing You Say...

#audience #quicktips Sep 15, 2020

…is the thing they remember most.

Whether writing or talking, put your request for the end – the very end.

(See? Put it at the end, just like that.)

Check the video!

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One Simple Trick to Writing Superior Paragraphs


Don’t sweat out a paragraph. Instead, make a list of sentences.

This approach is guaranteed to help you stop writing filler – and stick to the facts.

Saves time. Sounds smarter. Makes the job easier.

Just listen to the handsome guy in the video.

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One Trick to OWN Your Audience


Greet them. Then…

… don’t say a word.

Stand in the quiet as long as you like. Audiences are desperate for you to fill the silence – so you’ll gain their complete attention.

My favorite speaking tip – check it out!

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Nothing You Write Is Just "Informational"


If you’re writing to inform, you’re not connecting with the audience.

People need a reason to go where you’re leading. They need a goal.

Write to persuade – every time.

Not only will you be more compelling, the writing will come easier because you’re focused on the action you want readers (or listeners) to take.

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Mark Twain Wants You to Cut Very

#quicktips #writingtips Jun 22, 2020

Our colleagues at Gotham Ghostwriters shared this quote from Mark Twain. Yes to this!

Bonus: this quote is a hundred years old–more evidence that the principles of strong writing and presenting do not change. Critical thinking is, to quote David Byrne, the same as it ever was.

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Goal-Oriented Writing: What Do You Want the Reader to Do?


When you write something--a speech, letter, email--think about what you want the reader to do in response. Write that one thing down in a sentence. Doing this focuses your work. Work from the goal. Work backwards.

Join The Magic Show today with this special offer: 

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Great Writers Write More Junk Than Anything Else

#quicktips #writingtips Jun 02, 2020

This works not only because of the ol' notion that you better by doing something over and over. Instead, a lot of writing is a numbers game. You have to try out a lot of versions of writing before you find the right one. There are few great writers. I'm not a great writer. But I'm a killer re-writer, and that takes less magic than just hard work. THAT is the difference between those who write professionally and those who wish they did.

(Image via ScreenCraft) 

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Four Tips to Write Faster


A few simple techniques can cut significant minutes and even hours from the time you invest in writing. Here are four easy things to do.

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