Super-Size Edition: All About Adverbs

#quicktips #speechwriting Oct 07, 2020

Adverbs aren’t your friends – but are they ever useful?

Yes! When they change the meaning of the sentence!

Check out today’s super-sized video for a practical rule on using adverbs.

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For Those Who Say "Literally"...


Yikes! Why do we do it? How can you stop?

Check out today’s video!

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But How Does It Sound?


The meaning of words is only part of the battle.

How they sound affects how well people pay attention, and makes them more (or less!) likely to accept your message.

Improve your writing by putting this fact to use. Check out the video!

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Add This to Every Speech:


A “spec sheet” – a page or two with details about the event, the audience, and the event.

It makes the speaker more confident, and that has benefits for you, too.

Check the video!

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The Last Word on the Page is the Most Important


The thing we remember best is the thing we read or heard last.

Finish with the big “ask.” Then stop.

If you write (or say) anything else, you’re tearing down your own appeal.

Check the video!

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Writing to Fill the Time



How many words do I need to write to fill that time?

ANSWER: About a hundred words on the page equals about one minute out loud. 

Check out today’s video tip.

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Start With the Acknowledgements



Begin with the acknowledgements.

If you start with anything else, you’ll eventually have to pause for acknowledgements, and you’ll lose your momentum – and a lot of the audience.

An easy trick to be a better public speaker. Check the video.

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Quit Trying to Impress People


I’D RATHER SOUND LIKE A RUBE with a good idea than an intellectual with a vocabulary and not much else.

 Today’s tip: quit trying to talk all fancy and stuff. 


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When You Need Something, Ask Early

The early bird gets the worm!  When you get a writing assignment, assess it immediately.
If you have questions, ask them right after you receive the assignment. Don’t wait.
If you tell the boss you’ll have it in two weeks and you’re not asking key questions until two days before it’s due… c’mon. You know how that’s gonna make you look.
So when you get a writing assignment, figure out what you’ll need as soon as you get it. Do not put it off.
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The Most Powerful Way to Open a Talk


Don’t introduce yourself.

Don’t brag about your credentials.

Instead, just step up and deliver.

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