Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Fifty-five years ago this weekend the Beach Boys released their album Pet Sounds. At the time...

* It was the least popular album they had done.

* Its singles were less successful than what came before.

* Critics were lukewarm.

* Many fans decided the band's best days were behind them.

Yet Pet Sounds is now one of the most influential and beloved recordings ever made.

The writing tip?

First reactions aren't always deep or valuable.

Wanna be a great writer -- even in PR and business? After you know what your client wants, give them your own best take on it, even if it's not like what's come before. It's the only way any writer (or artist!) stands out from the crowd.

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Wanna Sound More Professional When You Talk About Writing?

#success #writingtips Oct 06, 2020

Stop talking “page count” and start talking “word count.”

Why is that? Check the video!

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Overcome Intimidation

#mindset #success Sep 16, 2020

The key to acquiring a big, new skill is setting tiny goals for every morning – doable, daily goals.

Commit to five minutes a day. Just five minutes! Do more if you want, but give yourself permission to stop after five, every time.

Then see what happens.

Check the video!

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To Be a Better Writer, Set These Three Goals

#success #writingtips Sep 14, 2020

You’ll see an improvement by this time tomorrow – and your confidence will start shining, too.

Check out the video.

And JOIN THE MAGIC SHOW at http://ProMagicShow.com.

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Dealing With Rejection

I've been rejected so many times I’ve lost count.

Here’s a photo of some of the rejection letters I’ve received in the past few years.

This doesn’t include the many emails and messages that said “no.”

This stack is how I know I'm making progress.

If you want to get published, you’re going to get rejected.

If you want to get hired to speak, you’re going to get rejected.

If you want to find success, you’re going to get rejected.

Here’s the thing: being good enough is only “table stakes.” That means that being talented enough to do the job only gets you through the door. After that, it’s luck – and the only way to be lucky is to beat the odds, and that means persistence.

If one in 200 submissions gets picked, I figure I need to submit at least that many to have any chance at all. So that’s what I do.

And not to brag, but that’s why I get published. And why is that not bragging? Cos you can...

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This 10-Minute Task Will Transform the Speech You Just Wrote


One of the keys to a great speech is putting the speaker at ease -- filling in the mental blanks that every speaker has at the outset of an event. Here's how to fix that. LIKE THESE TIPS? GET A LIBRARY OF THEM BY JOINING THE MAGIC SHOW.

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Don't Be Eeyore

#positivity #success Apr 21, 2020

"Don't get your hopes up" is a lousy opening. It's also common.

Stop that. Here's why, and here's how.

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Fail. Be Lazy. Settle.


Three ways to succeed that sound completely wrong -- but that are completely right.

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