One Simple Trick to Writing Superior Paragraphs


Don’t sweat out a paragraph. Instead, make a list of sentences.

This approach is guaranteed to help you stop writing filler – and stick to the facts.

Saves time. Sounds smarter. Makes the job easier.

Just listen to the handsome guy in the video.

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When You Need Something, Ask Early

The early bird gets the worm!  When you get a writing assignment, assess it immediately.
If you have questions, ask them right after you receive the assignment. Don’t wait.
If you tell the boss you’ll have it in two weeks and you’re not asking key questions until two days before it’s due… c’mon. You know how that’s gonna make you look.
So when you get a writing assignment, figure out what you’ll need as soon as you get it. Do not put it off.
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When You Can't Work, Don't Work

#mindset #timemanagement Jun 23, 2020

If you’re traveling or are otherwise in a situation in which working conditions are not ideal for you, don’t pressure yourself to work. In the end, you’ll be frustrated, and will likely end up having spent hours producing only a few minutes worth of good work. 

Instead, sometimes it’s better to use such circumstances for something constructive: relaxing, resting, or otherwise just enjoying yourself. Don’t force yourself to work in a place where you don’t think you can work. While you might feel like you’ve wasted your time, the real waste of time is working too hard for too little!

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Need to Write a Speech?


How much should you write to fill the time?

An easy way to figure it out, today at The Magic Show. With special guest NashvilleDog.

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Write Something Long... A Little Each Day


Every big project is the result of many small achievements. You'll be shocked to find how quickly a few minutes a day can add up. Lemme give you some examples from my own experience.... JOIN THE MAGIC SHOW. CLICK HERE.

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Four Tips to Write Faster


A few simple techniques can cut significant minutes and even hours from the time you invest in writing. Here are four easy things to do.

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Checking In on Saturday Morning


A two-minute video with a super-quick tip and an update to all the new members.

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