How to "Give Good Meeting" Webinar


It’s tough to stand out in a meeting… but there are ways.

Join Business Accelerator April Shprintz and me on Friday for a quick tour of ways to make you and your ideas **pop** in a meeting, whether it’s on Zoom or in person. 

Check out the video for a preview!

We’ll be on Zoom at noon ET in the US. Register here.

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Introducing the New TMS Logo!

#tmsannouncement Jun 20, 2020

SOMETHING COOL. Here’s our logo. It’s new. Like it?

We’ve been using it for a few days but we wanted to show it off with a post all its own.

Bonus: We’ve had so much traffic that we’re now officially “we”–The Magic Show has a small and growing support team now. It’s not just Mike anymore!

Thanks for your support. And if you want to support us in another way, like and share our posts–and tell your colleagues.


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#tmsannouncement May 20, 2020

My publisher, BenBella, is offering my book, The Molecule of More, at a significant discount for the next few days: half off the paper- and hardback editions, and $4.99 for the ebook. The codes: MOLECULE50 for the physical book and MOLECULE499 for the ebook. Click here.

And if you'd like an autographed copy, you can order one here on the website. Just click on the STORE link at the top. (Discount codes do not apply there, sorry).

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SPECIAL UPDATE: Seinfeld -- live! TONIGHT!!

#tmsannouncement May 09, 2020

Your host, Mike Long, has written a new episode of Seinfeld that puts the gang in the middle of the quarantine. It'll be performed live tonight by a cast of some of the best actors in the St. Louis theater community, a group connected with Mike via his wins in the Neil LaBute New Theater Festival. Check out the broadcast tonight, Saturday, May 9, at 9p ET. 

Click here for a recording of the performance:

(Image via Rolling Stone) 

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Corona Comms Videos Now Added to the Video Library

You'll find a separate category now for corona comms videos, which are usually first shared with the public via social media and the blog. If you want them all in one place, click over to the Video Library and you'll find the new category.

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Checking In on Saturday Morning


A two-minute video with a super-quick tip and an update to all the new members.

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