Five Tips in Under Two Minutes

#editing #writingtips Oct 21, 2020

Write better -- write now. Check the video!

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Write a Press Release Headline That Gets Attention

#pitching #writingtips Oct 15, 2020

Quit trying to be clever.

Instead, be obvious.

Why? That helps the reporter.

When you help the reporter, it’s easier for the reporter to help *you.*

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Wanna Sound More Professional When You Talk About Writing?

#success #writingtips Oct 06, 2020

Stop talking “page count” and start talking “word count.”

Why is that? Check the video!

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How It Looks On The Page Makes A Huge Difference.


It’s not enough to write well. The layout – the white space, the margins, the paragraph size – can invite readers in or send them in the other direction.

Check the video!

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I'll Show You How To Get Your Op-Ed Published.

#opeds #writingtips Sep 28, 2020

Whether it’s for you or your client, getting published is rarely a matter of luck, taste, or timing.

You need calculated effort. You must know

  1. what an editor is looking for and
  2. how to write it.

I’ll show you how.

Does this way work? Our most recent success story: Just last week, a college senior who took the course from Mike Long’s The Magic Show saw his op-ed published in The Boston Globe.

How’s that?

Buy the course today. Own it forever.

Visit to take the course!

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What's a Backgrounder? (And How Do I Write One?)

#writingtips Sep 24, 2020

backgrounder is a fact sheet that reads like an essay.

But it doesn’t require the hard work of an essay…

… if you know a few ways to get it done faster and better.

Check out today’s video!

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A Writing Tip You Can Use... This Minute.

#audience #writingtips Sep 17, 2020

What do you want the reader to do after they finish?

Write down your answer. Really. Keep it under a dozen words.

Do that and you’ll write more effectively and faster.

For the details, check out the video with the guy in the jacket.

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To Be a Better Writer, Set These Three Goals

#success #writingtips Sep 14, 2020

You’ll see an improvement by this time tomorrow – and your confidence will start shining, too.

Check out the video.


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Feel Like You're Writing the Same Thing Over and Over Again?



It’s hard to be creative on command, but here’s a simply way to make things more interesting for you… and for your readers.

Try the easy technique I explain in this 90-second video.

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When You Get a Writing Assignment, What's Your First Question?

#audience #writingtips Sep 02, 2020

I know what it is: you ask about the topic.

 That’s the wrong question – seriously.

 The right question?

 THIS ONE: What do you want the audience to do when this is over?

 For details, check the video!

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