Creative Writing with Mike Long

Do you want to write?

Here's an opportunity to begin your journey.

Take A Course in Creative Writing with writer and educator Mike Long. In a small-class setting of six online sessions of two to three hours each, Mike will help you gain skills you can use right away to finally -- finally! -- write that novel, essay, short story, screenplay, stageplay, article, or whatever else you have in mind.

The small class size guarantees you can ask lots of questions and get feedback on your work.

A lecturer at Georgetown University since 2007, Mike is co-author of the international bestseller The Molecule of More. He is also a two-time winner of the Neil LaBute New Theater Competition, a grand prize finalist for screenwriting at the Slamdance Film Festival, and the "ghost" behind many high-profile speeches and multiple works of fiction and non-fiction.


What Will You Learn?

When you complete the course, you will be able to:

  • Get your ideas out of your head and onto the page whenever you choose;
  • Tell a story with a proven method ("story beats") used by novelists and Hollywood filmmakers;
  • Use compelling and creative language that makes people want to keep reading;
  • Write dialogue that moves your story forward and still sounds like "real talk";
  • Identify and hang onto the ideas you have every day so you can use them in your own creative writing;
  • Make your mind more creative with simple techniques that you can use anytime and anywhere;
  • Take advantage not only of what words mean but how they sound ("prosody");
  • Review, revise, and change your work so you really do improve it (and not just change things around) every time you edit;
  • Find writing competitions that can showcase your abilities (and that provide you with a real chance of winning);
  • Find agents who will consider representing your work and editors who will consider publishing it;
  • Know how to begin and know when you're finished with a writing project; and
  • Have real confidence in your ability to write creatively.

Screenplays and Stageplays

Novels and Short Stories

Creativity and Planning

Week-by-Week Agenda

Week 1: Motivation, the Writing Life, and Describing Things

Week 2: Literary Devices and Creative Use of Language

Week 3: Storytelling and Plot Mechanics

Week 4: Structure and Formatting for Various Works

Week 5: Strategies for Outreach to Competitions, Agents, and Editors

Week 6: Practical Creativity

A Message from Mike

The hardest part of creative writing is getting started.

You have this idea for a story, in your head it's perfect, but you keep putting off the writing -- and the hard truth is that until you've put your ideas on the page, you don't have anything to show for your work, and nothing you can share with other people.

So the hardest part of creative writing is just deciding you're finally going to do it.

If you've read this far, then just do it. Take the class. Because writers write. And each time we meet you're going to gain new skills that will make that writing more productive and more satisfying.

Join me. You're going to write something you'll be proud of.

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