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Studied as a physicist. Stood on stage as a comedian.

Writes books and speeches for influencers across the USA.

Speaks on creativity -- and writing -- around the world.


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Meet Mike Long. Mike is a keynote speaker.


He is also a speechwriter, playwright, and educator.


Actor and author Ben Stein calls him “a poet.”


You're going to call him the best keynoter you ever saw.


Film, theater, writing, physics, neuroscience, entertainment -- few people have the scope of interests that Mike Long has. Even fewer have such a record of achievement across them all.

The result? Mike's lifetime of using critical thinking to explore ideas has made him an expert on creativity -- how it works, how to get more of it, and how to put it to work to improve your career and your life.

But it's not enough be creative. You also have to be able to communicate it so people want to hear more. That's why he's also an accomplished writer -- a published author, an in-demand speechwriter and ghostwriter -- and the most engaging keynote speaker you'll ever hear.

Any time with Mike Long on stage is compelling, educational, and wildly entertaining.

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Mike has addressed audiences around the U.S. and in London, Lisbon, Panama, Paris, Saskatchewan, The Hague, and in a seminar and keynote at Oxford University.

So what has he done to get there? Some highlights:

  • AUTHOR -- The Molecule of More, a Number One New Release in Neuroscience at
  • PLAYWRIGHT -- Winner for two consecutive years of the Neil LaBute New Theater Festival
  • SCREENWRITER -- Finalist for the grand prize in screenwriting at the Slamdance Film Festival
  • UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR -- Former director of writing for the graduate program in public relations at Georgetown University
  • SPEECHWRITER -- Published three times in Vital Speeches of the Day, twice for speeches he delivered
  • WRITING COACH -- Resident Coach for the Professional Speechwriters Association
  • HUMORIST -- Guest lecturer on humor at American University and at the Graduate School of Political Management at The George Washington University
  • POLITICAL COMMUNICATOR -- Contributing speechwriter for multiple presidential candidates
  • COMEDIAN -- Former stand-up comic
  • COMPUTER PROGRAMMER  -- Professional computer programmer in FORTRAN
  • SCIENTIST -- Trained physicist and mathematician

Mike began his career as a public speaker while he was a graduate student in physics at Vanderbilt University, where he started performing stand-up. He quickly became a house emcee for one of the oldest comedy clubs in America.

From there, his first job as a writer off-stage was sole speechwriter to one of America’s highest-profile senators.

Since then, he has found success as an author, playwright, writing coach, ghostwriter, professor, and public speaker. The head of the Professional Speechwriters Association calls him "America's most beloved speechwriting teacher."

You'll call him "the best keynote speaker we've ever had."

* * *

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